About Us

Landward Sports  is a world renowned manufacturing and distribution company. Live our experience in the following fields




Dog Training 

We provide traditions of quality and excellence that extends throughout our history. For the 15st Century, We have fully modernized these traditions with computer aided design and ISO 9001-2008 quality control procedures.

Outstanding quality and excellent customer service have set Landward Sports apart from the competition since 2001. 

Our passion pushes us to go further in the design, research and development of our products. Design, comfort, technology and knowledge are our key-words and we include them in the service of our passion.

Over the years Landward Sports. has gained the approval as well as trust of our clients across the world.

In addition, our materials are according to the EUROPEAN Reach Standard, CE Certification and meticulous attention to quality control, allows us to extend customer’s expectations with their complete satisfaction.

Indeed Our Moto is, "We shape the feelings”, pays homage to our never-ending pursuit of the ideal products that rests in each customers mind.

Join us and discover the Landward Spirit.